Flagship actions – Description

Governance Models for Cultural Routes are going to be tackled with different type of actions devoted mainly to: common branding and positioning by improving the ESG approach and the connection to the CoE cultural routes in the Adriatic Ionian Region: capacity building for policy makers and professionals by promoting knowledge sharing and common standards to support both the certification of new culture routes and the consolidation/enlargement of the existing ones. The focus shall be also on the creation of new business models and new enterprises as well as on the support to recovery after the COVID crisis. Cultural routes may play an important role in this direction.

Flagship actions:

- Cruise destinations -CruiseAIR

- Smart Destination Management

- Cultural routes and governance


Supporting Programmes

- Italy-Croatia

- Italy-Slovenia

- Central Europe


- Greece - Italy

- IPA CBC South Adriatic (Italy Albania-Montenegro)

- IPA Adriatic Ionian

- Slovenia - Croatia

- IPA Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina

- IPA Serbia - Montenegro

- IPA Greece Albania

- IPA Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Montenegro

- Greece-North Macedonia


Specific objectives involved

SP 1.1 Developing and enhancing research and innovation capacities and the uptake of advanced technologies

SO 1.3 Enhancing growth and competitiveness of SMEs and job creation in SMEs

SO 1.4 Developing skills for smart specialisation, industrial transition and entrepreneurship

SO 2.1 Promoting energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions

SO 2.7 Enhanching protection and preservation of  nature, biodiversity, and green infrastructure, including in urban areas, and reducing all forms of pollution

SO 4.6 Enhancing the role of culture and sustainable tourism in economic development, social inclusion, and social innovation

IPA TP5: Encouraging tourism and cultural and natural heritage

Documents and figures

Members and participants

Members of the Managing Authorities and Joint Secretariats of the ETC programs of the working group.


Contact person:

Technical assistance Facility Point

Technical assistance EUSAIR Stakeholder Platform - Facility Point Italy (Marche Regional Authority)

- Sijana Veledar  

- Michele Giovenali