9th REDETE Conference 2022

Start Date
15 September 2022
End Date
16 September 2022


08:00 AM




Faculty of Economics – Polytechnic University of Marche Ancona

9th REDETE Conference 2022

“Present and future challenges in regional development in the Adriatic-Ionian Region”

REDETE (Researching Entrepreneurship and Economic Development) is a professional network of academics, businesspersons and professionals in the Western Balkan region producing, in cooperation with many other international institutions, applied research on the impacts of globalisation and European integration on local Balkan communities.

REDETE's annual conference, founded in 2011 with the aim to (re)launch debates and scholarly research on issues concerning economic development in transition countries, has now moved onto a more complex and rewarding role, benefitting local communities, government, business, students and academics.

The aim of the 9th REDETE Conference is to encourage researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to contribute to our understanding of the challenges faced by countries and regions to promote economic development and regional integration.

The conference is for professionals and academics so registration it is necessary. However, the plenary and some parallel sessions indicated for a greater audience have been opened for the generic public.

Take a look to the encloesd Agenda of the event!

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