Conference on Blue Growth

Start Date
24 October 2022
End Date
24 October 2022


09:00 AM


17:00 PM


Agios Nikolaos - Crete (Greece)

Swimming forward: Conference on Blue growth


Conference on Blue Growth: Swimming forward - Crete - 24 October 2022

This Conference offers the opportunity to debate the importance of a sustainable blue economy to deliver in the fields of the Blue Growth Pillar of the EUSAIR macro-regional Strategy.

It comes at a timely moment, when the Blue Growth Pillar of the Strategy is seeking ways to make the most of new advancements in the fields of biotechnology and innovation, incorporating their findings into proposals and potential project ideas to be further elaborated and financed under the EUSAIR Facility Point Strategic Project or other potential sources of financing to be employed for the projects’ elaboration and implementation.

Meanwhile, the European Commission has announced its measures and new targets, in terms of the Respective Legislative Framework, while the new programming period of 2021-2027 has already started. The process of putting forward a solid implementation framework for the EUSAIR Strategy, to enhance its role and value in the years to come, is of great concern and importance for the blue economy.

This Conference will provide the opportunity to explore and debate the importance of the blue economy findings, to network with blue growth actors, as well as to prepare and elaborate blue projects within EUSAIR and a wider context.

The conference is scheduled to last one day on the island of Crete in the City of Agios Nikolaos on Monday 24.10.2022 (09.00-17.00). Representatives from Research Institutes and Academia will contribute with updated scientific results on the topics on blue biotechnology, fisheries and marine and maritime services, while bringing together Academia/Researchers and the EUSAIR key implementers in order to identify tangible project proposals.

Further information will be shared with you in due time.

The Blue Growth Conference is free of charge but subject to registration here.