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Italian National Capacity Building Event on Monitoring and Evaluation

Bologna, Emilia Romagna Region, July 5th 2022
and via the EUSAIR Stakeholders Platform

On July 5th it took place the "National Capacity Building Event on Monitoring and Evaluation" in Italy. The event was organized jointly by Marche Region, Italian Project Partner of the EUSAIR Facility Point, and NAXTA, the company in charge for the Monitoring and Evaluation for Italy, and was hosted at the premises of the Emilia-Romagna Region in Bologna.
The Facility Point has been providing operational support to EUSAIR governance actors and implementers in their respective roles. The purpose of the event was to develop capacities related to the Monitoring & Evaluation of the implementation of EUSAIR and of its pillars, in order to support EUSAIR stakeholders in adopting and using appropriate indicators for the purposes of monitoring progress and management efficiency.
Moreover, the event has also been a valuable opportunity to present the results of the Monitoring & Evaluation activities of Pillar 2, as well as to exchange knowledge and experience on the specificities of each Pillar throughout the said activities.
The event was attendend in presence by the TSG2 transport subgroup coordinator Prof. Pierluigi Coppola, representatives from Marche Region Ms. Donatella Romozzi, the IPA ADRION Programme Managing Authority Mr. Lodovico Gherardi, the companies in charge for the technical assistance for Pillar 2 Ms. Marzia Legnini, the LKN consortium for monitoring and evaluation Mr. Michalis Nikitaridis and Ms. Victoria Chorafa and a delegation of the Ministry of Development and Investments, Special Service for Strategy, Planning and Evaluation of Greece, Project Partners of the EUSAIR Facility Point Ms. Mathilde Konstantopoulou and Ms. Ioanna Tzika. The event was also attended online through the EUSAIR Stakeholders Platform by several participants coming from INTERACT Ms. Baiba Liepa and other members stakeholders of the EUSAIR Strategy.