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The EUSAIR Studies on Pillar 2 – transport subgroup have been published

The EUSAIR Transport Master Plan aims to provide unified framework of analysis of the challenges and the opportunities for a sustainable and inclusive multimodal connectivity in the Adriatic-Ionian Region. The Master Plan explores infrastructure projects and strategies that can help bridging up accessibility gaps and improving seamless transport of goods and people in the region, while reducing environmental impact and boosting economic growth, competitiveness, and territorial cohesion. In so doing, it proposes a comprehensive methodological approach that seeks to enhance the transnational cooperation capacity of the countries involved in planning (construction and upgrading) transport infrastructure.

In addition to the executive summary (Volume 1), the plan includes analyses and policy recommendations on maritime transport (Volume 2), inland waterway transport (Volume 3), road transport (Volume 4), rail transport and related intermodality (Volume 5), air transport (Volume 6), and accessibility to urban nodes and tourist attractions (Volume 7).

The plan was elaborated by the EUSAIR Facility Point with

technical assistance from PTSCLAS, TPS Pro, and Systematica, and collaboration with Tplan Consulting, under the supervision of Prof. Pierluigi Coppola (Politecnico di Milano), EUSAIR Pillar 2 (Transport sub-group) Coordinator.