Flagship actions – Description

In order to make concrete steps to protect the environment, pressure of human activities on marine resources must be reduced; protected areas and identified hotspots have to be preserved; ecological connectivity among blue corridors and habitats shall be enhanced. Indicative actions about the environmental quality can be: promoting blue/green infrastructure; protection and restoration of coastal and marine biodiversity and Natura 2000 sites; supporting feasibility studies for setting up cross-border protected marine areas and other effective area-based conservation measures; Improve governance of the maritime space as well as management and monitoring of marine protected areas for a sustainable and transparent use of marine and maritime resources; Support the creation of transnational natural protected areas and the rehabilitation of degraded habitats. 

Supporting Programmes

- Italy-Croatia

- Italy-Slovenia

- Central Europe


- Greece - Italy

- IPA CBC South Adriatic (ItalyAlbania-Montenegro)

- IPA Adriatic Ionian

- Slovenia - Croatia

- IPA Greece Albania

- Greece-North Macedonia

Specific objectives involved

SO 2.7 Enhancing protection and preservation of nature, biodiversity and green infrastructure, including in urban areas, and reducing all forms of pollution

Documents and figures


  • Analysis of Sources of Funding for EUSAIR Flagship

  • PET-HAB-ECO factshee


Members and participants

Members of the Managing Authorities and Joint Secretariats of the ETC programs of the working group.


Contact person:

Iztok Škerlič  (Facility Point Slovenia)

Technical assistance Facility Point

Technical assistance EUSAIR Stakeholder Platform - Facility Point Italy (Marche Regional Authority)

- Sijana Veledar  

- Michele Giovenali