Flagship actions – Description

Blue/bio-technologies are the application of science and technology to living aquatic organisms for the production of knowledge, goods and services (OECD, 2016), especially in the fields of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, energy, packaging, and much more. The European Commission Communication no 240 of this year on a new approach for a sustainable blue economy recalls on the need to move from the blue growth towards a sustainable blue growth as one of the cornerstones of the green deal. Specific actions concern: the enhancement of competitiveness and sustainability of enterprises in the areas of blue economy, support to SMEs in terms of competitiveness in blue economy sectors and the promotion of blue skills - knowledge sharing & creation of databanks, networking between researchers.

Flagship actions:

- 4helix blue technologies

- Blue skills

- Research territorial partnership


Supporting Programmes

- Italy-Croatia

- Italy-Slovenia

- Central Europe


- Greece - Italy

- IPA CBC South Adriatic (Italy Albania-Montenegro)

- IPA Adriatic Ionian

- IPA Greece Albania

- IPA Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Montenegro

- Greece-North Macedonia

Specific objectives involved

SO 1.1 Developing and enhancing research and innovation capacities and the uptake of advanced technologies


SO 1.3 Enhancing growth and competitiveness of SMEs and job creation in SMEs


SO 1.4 Developing skills for smart specialisation, industrial transition and entrepreneurship


SO 2.1 Promoting energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions


SO 2.5 Promoting access to water and sustainable water management


SO 2.6 Promoting the transition to a circular and resource efficient economy 

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Members and participants

Members of the Managing Authorities and Joint Secretariats of the ETC programs of the working group.


Contact person

Technical assistance Facility Point

Technical assistance EUSAIR Stakeholder Platform - Facility Point Italy (Marche Regional Authority)

- Sijana Veledar  

- Michele Giovenali